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Ecological Greening

“Ecology” is the relationships that living organisms have with each other and with their abiotic environment. “Greening” is a process of transforming a space into a more environmentally friendly version by planting shelterbelts, roadside trees, crops and plants within residential areas and parks. Greening process is used to improve environmental health and keep the ecosystem stay in balance as well as keep the relative benefits.

Action Plans

  1. Build a green infrastructure, regional water retention and cooling facilities
  2. Roof greening
  3. Indigenous plants and birds and butterflies inducing plants
  4. Afforestation by planting native trees
  5. Establishment of ecological corridors ,habitat and eco-network
  6. Environmental greening
  7. Permeable pavement
  8. Ecological riverfront design
  9. Green walls or green fences
  10. Community farms
  11. Aquaponics system