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Green Transportation

Green transportation provides a sustainable transportation system, which is safer, more comfortable and environmentally friendly, by introducing the low pollution, energy saving, and intelligent transportation.

With increasing awareness in the local government and the public, environmental conservation and resource recycling can be implemented effectively by green transportation. Combined all the measures mentioned above with the green transportation oriented land use planning, the goal of carbon reduction can be fulfilled.

Action Plans

  1. Promote the use of electric motorcycles (including charging station or battery exchange system)
  2. Promote the use of electric vehicles (including car, official vehicle or garbage truck)
  3. Promote the electric public transport vehicles (including bus, tour bus or shuttle bus)
  4. Establish the bicycle rental system
  5. Public transportation utilization
  6. Carpool system
  7. Hybrid taxis
  8. Bus, bicycle, and pedestrian zones
  9. Development of alternative fuel vehicles