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Resource Recycling

The concept of “resource recycling” can be traced back to year of 2003, at which the policy named “Zero waste” was set by Executive Yuan (R.O.C.). At the same time, with the promotion of the Resource Recycling and Reuse regulation, the policies in the “Zero waste,” such as total waste reduction and recycling, could be developed. In addition, these polices encourage ways of green production, green purchasing, waste reduction, resource recovery, reusing and recycling, toward the goal of waste recycling and zero waste.

Action Plans

  1. Promote the utilization of animal manure and urine resources (including the use of biogas residue and biogas slurry as fertilizer in agricultural land, or promote the installation of anaerobic fermentation facilities to collect and process manure and urine from other farms)
  2. Promote resources recycle and reuse (including household garbage, kitchen waste and giant waste)
  3. Wastewater recycle and reuse
  4. Effluent recycle and reuse
  5. Flea markets or second hand exchange platform
  6. Rainwater storage and reuse (rainwater bank)
  7. Agriculture waste recycle and reuse
  8. Construction waste recycle and reuse
  9. Preservation and reuse of old buildings