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Sustainable Development and Management

Sustainable Development and Management is a process for meeting human development goals while maintaining the ability of natural systems to continue providing the natural resources and ecosystem services, upon which the economy and society depend. In order to achieve this process, and considering the climate change issue as well, actions or measures covering the topics such as disaster prevention and recovery, environmental conservation, social justice and economic growth are belongs to this field, hoping to lead the people to get involved spontaneously and make sure the living and developing requirements are corresponded to the demand of next generation. At the same time, legislation and financial tools should also be involved in this field, avoiding the violation of the existing law or regulation while applying on the new actions.

Action Plans

  1. High pollution boiler replacement
  2. Implementation of Disaster Prevention and Rescue Practices
  3. Green Point System
  4. Regional disaster potential investigation and Adaptation plan
  5. Incentive and subsidy for low-carbon sustainable action plans
  6. Governments and Institutions Energy Saving Action Plan
  7. Implementation of Low Carbon and Sustainable Self-Regulation
  8. Encouragement of Enterprises Participation
  9. Green Industry Alliances
  10. Low Carbon and Sustainable Certification for Businesses
  11. Low Carbon and Sustainable Certification for Communities (Villages)
  12. Low Carbon and Sustainable Certification for Schools
  13. Establishment of Regional Carbon Inventory
  14. Certification of Environmental Education Facilities or Venues
  15. Low Carbon and Sustainable Related International Cooperation and Experiences Exchanges
  16. Groundwater Management in Land Subsidence Area
  17. Green Finance (Credit Guarantee)