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About Certification

To comply with the global trend of low-carbon city development, discussion forums for low carbon and sustainable homeland issue have been held for many times. Moreover, this issue has been set as a policy vision in the “Sustainable Energy Policy Frameworks”, “Strategic Plan for National Spatial Development” and “Third National Energy Convention,” showing that much attention has been paid to promoting low carbon and sustainable homeland program here in Taiwan. There are three different government levels involved in this program: city/county government, township government, and village or community government. And these are called participants. Taking related international experiences as references, low carbon and sustainable homeland certification process is designed into five steps as followings:

  1. Promotion/Outreach Program
  2. Registration/Qualification
  3. Training/ Guidance and Assistance
  4. Get certified
  5. Supervision Evaluation

The certification is completely voluntary for all the participants expect for city/county governments, which are mandatory to register and participate in this certification. After registering and being qualified, all the participants could get a series of training courses and guidance to solve the problems they will encounter during implementing action plans. Participants can apply for the certification right after all the action plans are accompanied by documentary evidence, and the evidence has to be reviewed.

The participants can work toward three levels of certification: Nomination, Bronze and Silver. Nomination means a participant has made a commitment to low carbon and sustainability, showing the resolution by implementing two to three action plans; Bronze certification means a participant has not only made a commitment to low carbon and sustainability but succeeded in implementing some significant action plans; Silver certification means, compared to the Bronze level, has made a progress in a number of fields toward sustainability and low carbon, and on top of that, is a regional leader or national leader.