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Why Get Certified?

  1. Registered participant could get the notification of some specific incentives and grants from the central government, and save money for local government budget (if the participant belongs to city/county government level).
  2. Implementing action plans can lead to cost savings in energy, especially electricity, and water. This program also helps the participants improve energy efficiency, reuse certain type of energy, cut waste and stimulate local economies.
  3. Gain access to relevant training and expert guidance. The issues covered in these relevant training and expert guidance may include some basic technologies and better methods of management in order to assist each participant to develop a comprehensive low carbon and sustainable program. In addition, there might be some regular training workshops and leadership meetings that could provide participants with connections to the leading experts in important sustainability issues, not only in city level but in community level as well.
  4. Participants can promote themselves by getting recognized. These recognized participants would get great reputation by being promoted on the website of Low carbon and Sustainable Homeland, in the media and at some promotional events.